Golden Venus of Milo

I have been nominated for the award 'The Golden Venus of Milo'.
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Hello, my name is Diana Wolsink-van Landeghem. I was born in 1981 and raised in Limburg, the most southern province of the Netherlands. When I was 18 I moved to the city of Groningen, situated in the very north of the Netherlands. I like Groningen and I feel well there. I call myself a "Groningse with a soft g". This is because in Limburg they pronounce the letter 'g' in a soft way, and in Groningen in a hard way.


I have followed several courses at university, after this I have had several jobs. At first I worked in a shop called "De Nieuwe Weg" ("The New Way"), an organic store. I did a lot of things there and it was a good time.
I also worked in the "Wereldwinkel" ("World Shop"), a fair trade shop. This, I did for a year. I liked it here as well, also because of nice colleagues. I, then, got a job at "Zinnzorg" ("Zinn care"), location Patrimonium. ZINNzorg is care for the elderly. I worked at the "wellness" department, in the library and, amongst other things, at the Bingo. I worked there for three years. I recently quit the job because I wanted to do something else. For a few months, then, I worked in a second hand clothes shop with designer clothes called Viva! For me, though, it was a very chaotic environment so I had to quit. But like the other jobs, the colleagues were nice.

Webdesign and writing

Since a few years I'm writing lots of articles and poems for several magazines. I have also teached myself, from books, to build websites. Meanwhile, I build websites for other people for a low price. See also my portfolio.

Books published

I forgot to mention, that I have also written five books (in Dutch). My fifth book, called "Poems of a psychosis-susceptible woman" has been published at january 15th. See also my Writing page.
I really love to write and I feel very happy that this has been acknowledged, because my books, articles and poems have been published, and thus read by a lot of people.
I write since I was eight. Everything I write is in Dutch.

For the rest

For the rest I like to read, the city of Groningen, do sports, sewing, knitting, our guinea pigs called Piepertje and Dropje, and the most I love my husband Tirso, with whom I live together in Groningen.


Because I have a psychiatric illness I have become an Ambassador for "Fonds Psychische Gezondheid" ("Fund Mental Health"), to oppose taboo and stigma.